Quits - demo Ep

New Hampshire based band Quits released some awesome tracks last month and I thought I should totally share their brilliance- if you like all the photography and music videos we post your going to fall in love with this band. Vocalist Evan Benoit delivers breathtakingly poetic lyrics about the thought of love, happiness and their eminent demise- in a very new-wave folk/baroque pop style similar to that of The Dodos if their front man could ever sing things good. His Vocals are backed by the pulchritudinous voice of Kara Justine/ who's voice  is like matching the soft cords of Regina Spektor  and the punch of Lauren Hill with a bit of salt. The guitar and drum melodies will hook you in and make you fall in love with the with the sound and make you feel the rhythmical lyrics.
do yourself a favor and listen to theses tracks