PCS Kite Party- Arizona

here's a  live  semi acoustic song by the one and only Kite Party on pink couch sessions IFYOUMAKEIT

Honestly if i could have voted this best LP of 2011 i would have-
check out some more tracks -

Quits - demo Ep

New Hampshire based band Quits released some awesome tracks last month and I thought I should totally share their brilliance- if you like all the photography and music videos we post your going to fall in love with this band. Vocalist Evan Benoit delivers breathtakingly poetic lyrics about the thought of love, happiness and their eminent demise- in a very new-wave folk/baroque pop style similar to that of The Dodos if their front man could ever sing things good. His Vocals are backed by the pulchritudinous voice of Kara Justine/ who's voice  is like matching the soft cords of Regina Spektor  and the punch of Lauren Hill with a bit of salt. The guitar and drum melodies will hook you in and make you fall in love with the with the sound and make you feel the rhythmical lyrics.
do yourself a favor and listen to theses tracks


Death Grips hit the New Wave-Horrorcore-Noise Rap Hip Hop scene in early 2011 with the debut Lp Exmilitary. They are known for their controversial tong twisting & at times almost poetic  lyrics about death, live and just about everything in between. This Trio consists of front man "MC Ride" Burnett, drummer Zack Hill (from the noise band HELLA), and Synth god Andy Morin. Their second LP, No Love Deep Web, was leaked by the band on Oct1st due to shittt with the record label

 Death Grips is also know for there ridiculously awesome music videos(one seen in last post)

Leeside Skateboard Mayhem

Leeside Skateboard Mayhem from Zenga Bros on Vimeo.

A friend should be this awile back and thought it went pretty well with the last post.

Its some footage from the Leeside Skateboard Mayhem in Canada- it was produced by Zenga Bros