Tim Navis


Some pretty sweet portraits by Tim Navis- Go here to get much much more

Sigur Rós - “Varúð”

another great video made for   Sigur Rós

 Sigur Rós set out on an adventure to have several artist make videos for your there music. The artists were told to make the video be whatever the song made them feel- we did a post about another  Sigur Rós video which you can find HERE.

Also- the video was Directed  by Photographer Ryan McGinley//here's some work we posted awhile back in 2010

MF Doom- Guv’nor

Saw this video awile back and neter thought about posting it until now-

Emma Mcnally

Emma Mcnally:

London based artist Emma Mcnally makes abstract graphite drawings that look like city grids and star maps. But this description doesn’t come close to doing them justice. Usually large in scale, the drawings emit a wizened, emotive quality. Somehow, each miniscule mark of graphite takes on endless personality. In the end, the works are just as effective as maps of life’s random chaos as they are as any type of reference to formal cartography.  (via)

via beautiful decay

“Sweater” - Willow

Here at bloodsells we've played around with projection quite a bit. that being send we understand how challenging it must have been to have made this video sink as well as it did. hope it amazing you as much as it did us.