Sigur Rós - Fjögur píanó

we havent blogged in quite some time now- so id like to start back with this.

- in my option this isnt something you see very often- its definitely something ... unique/ to say the least. it isn't  often something grabs my eye like this video did/ i'm at the point where ive seen things done over and over again// i get trapped in the mix myself with out even realizing it // but this video..dose something different, something i would love to see repeated.- yes yes now i know other arts have put movie-like videos' to their audio// but when watching this you can really tell that the  filmmakers almost knew exactly what the musicians were trying to portray. when you watch this, don't get caught up in the iconography- forget who's in it and what you think is appropriate// combine the idea that this  imagery  a direct connection to the sound.