Laura Stevenson and The Cans

Laura Stevenson and the Cans just recently came out with their new LP, titled Sit Resist. If you aren't familiar with their stuff, you should be. It's nice new wave indie punk with a twist of folk. Her voice in my mind is kind of what an angel would sound like. Her lyrics are just as beautiful.

You can also stream all of their albums from their Tumblr.

Lorrie McClanahan

Lorrie McClanahan is nailing it. And she's one of those super pro flickr people with about two thousand images to feast on. Thank you Lorrie for giving us so much.

Arn Gyssels

Mixed media, collage, and works on paper by Arn Gyssels. Brilliant, all of it gold. I am blown away.

Joseba Eskubi

Mixed media works by Joseba Eskubi. Be sure to check out his flickr—he has over 1000 images, many (if not all) of which are available in very high resolution